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TV Goodness Q&A With Rob Doherty

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We are so ready for this finale! TV Goodness participated in a press call with Creator/Executive Producer Robert Doherty about the last few episodes of season 1, Irene Adler, Sherlock’s relationship with Joan, details on Moriarty, as well as what we can look forward to next season. Read below for details.


Casting Moriarty


Q: How hard was it to cast Moriarty?


Robert Doherty: “Wow. It is no mean feat. That is for sure. Of course I can’t say much beyond that. But yes, never easy, you know. A vastly important and iconic character and certainly someone we’ve been building towards all season. So a lot of thought and time went into it.”


Q: How wide did you cast the net?


Robert: “The truth is I had some very specific thoughts and was lucky enough to latch onto a first choice.”


You can find the rest of the interview on TV Goodness

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